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A time for Reflection...

4 months into Orida's acquisition of the Club, we were visited by a friendly face John Weir. As some of you may know, John was a consultant at the Club and oversaw the acquisition process.

As you can imagine, John was eager to see and hear about the changes at the Club...and yes he was very surprised and pleased.

The visit actually provided us at the Club an opportunity to reflect on what has happened over the past 4 months. We realised quickly that we at the company had become sensitised with the changes already and was overlooking some of the improvements that had been implemented.

We've chosen just 10 comments made / changes implemented to which John gave his signature double thumbs up!;

1) "I can't believe that view of London was hidden". Tree works to the car park and drive

2) Soft renovation to the club house by removing fans, old lighting, yellow walls and tired wall furniture

3) Back of bar clean up and painted. Removal of those Coasters! Staff with smarter and sharper dress.

4) Pro-shop wall knocked down; Opened up with new carpets, open space, fresh new stock and new opening. "lighter brighter and bigger"

5) Launch of New Flexible Membership

6) Tee Booking system to safegaurd members Tee slots and raise to the level of other professional golf clubs

7) New Head Greenkeeper with New Greens Team: new motivation, new direction, new energy

8) New Website

9) New Chef Team: new ideas with a zest to improve our club

10) Bunkers looking better, Greens Draining nicely and Fairways with better shape!

...sorry we had to add an 11th) Brand new buggies!

We know that this is the tip of the ice berg but we hope you agree that we have made some progress over the last 4 months and here's a promise that we're going to get things even better!

Your Management at Park Wood Golf Club

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