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Another New Feature to Our Club!

Welcome to the Member's Lounge of your New Website. We hope that this will be a great space for you to hear updates about the club.

We have been told by our members that members would like better communication between the club and the members and we think that this page and our new website in general will be able to help achieve this.

In the Member's Lounge you will find regular updates from our Captain as well as from our Course manager. We will post news that we feel you would be interested in as well as keep you updated with all the improvements we are making to our great club!

We together with our web designers feel that such a page is a dynamic and evolving space and so over the months and coming years we are sure that you will see and watch it mould into a page that is user-friendly and useful to you our members.

Once again welcome to your new page and please do visit us regularly so that you don't miss out on Big News and Great Deals!

The Team at Park Wood Golf Club

Orida Group.

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